Hundreds of pets go missing every year and when they are found by strangers, they are handed over to animal shelters which quickly become over populated resulting in many tragic euthanizations.

Simply attaching collars or identification tags to your pets are no longer effective, and when your pet as gone astray for some time these tags slip off or become destroyed and illegible.

The best way to ensure that your pet is returned safely is by having your loved ones injected with a tracking microchip. The idea behind this is that when the animal is found by someone and handed over to an animal shelter, they can scan your pet's microchip which will give them an identification number to search a database for the owners contact details resulting in you being united with your dear one.

Unlike collars and identification tags, tracking microchips can never break off or fall-off.

In order for a microchip to work, you will need to register the microchip and keep your contact information up-to-date.

Microchips are reliable and use nationwide registries, but they ultimately depend on the information that you give. So remember to update your information and provide multiple emergency contacts in case your pet gets lost while you are out of town.

The undeniable fact remains that microchips have reunited hundreds of pets with their guardians and considering how easy it is to microchip your pet, there is no excuse to not do so!

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